Add your forecasts that start with the letter W


Washing w/o oil; powering by wind or solar; new formulas for detergents. Dirtier clothes. Less deoderants on your clothes.

Water without oilEdit

Water treatment is dependent on oil...

- systems of cleaning water naturally... charcoal filters, sand filters

- upfront conversation program

Bottled without oil

- no bottles...

Transporting water

- gravity fedaquaducts

Wifi without oilEdit

How do we power wifi devices or create the devices for communcation?

We need low energy producing materials or devices to power wifi communications: i.e. sun, water, air based technologies widely distributed...

Worship without oilEdit

Worship webcasts. More local and non-denominational churches. More in-home worship.

Woodburning without oilEdit


most saws are gas driven

transporting wood from afar is resource intensive


using manual saws

World travel without oilEdit

Use wind-power and rowing to cross water, and walk/bike; put the adventure back in travel!

World Cup without oilEdit

No balls, no fake turf, no shin guards, no seats, no stadium, can't paint lines on the field, only metal whistles. Teams and fans wouldn't be even able to get to the fields

Solution: leather soccer balls instead of plastic, field would have to be real, shin guards would have to be made out of metal seats would have to be on a hill or you would have to stand, no stadium unless all metal, lines would have to use string and whistles would have to be made out of metal.

Unless a biofuel is used, teams and fans would have to leave maybe 2 months before competition to get to the field.

War without oilEdit

Conflicts quickly rise up between societies that have any type of exploitable energy.

W[...] without oilEdit

Write the ninth micro-forecast here.

Wine without oilEdit

what a shame

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