Add your forecasts that start with the letter V

Vegetables without oilEdit

Solar powered greenhousrs, organic farmic, local farming.

Vintage car ownership without oilEdit

Team up with vintage car clubs to help each other change out gasoline to veg oil

Vacations without oilEdit

How can we have vacations with restricted travel?

-Travel by bike, foot, horse, boat -Lots more caping -Local house swaps -Vacation pod inside your house -Socailly re-define vacation to focus on absence of work rather than travel -Holodeck -Virtual vacations

Travelling in larger groups rather than smaller groups. More public transit to vacation areas. Shared vacation homes. More local vacations (go to the lake!) since we can't fly.

More sustainable vacations (fishing, etc.)

More mult-generational vacations, work experience vacations (try a different field).

Violins without oilEdit

Can't finish with shellac.

Use water based finish.

Vision without oilEdit

No more plastic lenses or frames for glasses. No more contacts.

Glass and metal glasses. Laser eye surgery to fix vision permanently.

Virtual worlds without oilEdit

Locate the server farms in Iceland and other climates where year round air conditioning is not required.

V[...] without oilEdit

Write the seventh micro-forecast here.

Vocations without oilEdit

Job markets that service the petroleum industry (e.g., extraction, refinement, etc) or products powered by petroleum (e.g., auto mechanics, combustion engine builders) will see a drastic downturn and force many into unemployment. Massive re-education efforts will be needed to train these workers for jobs with new technologies.

V[...] without oilEdit

Write the ninth micro-forecast here.

V[...] without oilEdit

Write the tenth micro-forecast here.

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