Add your forecasts that start with the letter T

Teachers without oilEdit

Smaller schools, universities, colleges, but more of them - possibly in converted spaces.

Word of mouth teaching, oral traditions become more important.

Education moves closer to story-telling, legend-creating.

No more driving to school.

Textiles without oilEdit

Write the first micro-forecast here.

Transplanting large trees without oilEdit

Powering large machinery would be problematic. Try using large animals. Minnesota would revert to natural prairie. Build around big trees.

Tires without oilEdit

How to create tires without oil.

Natural rubber could be used (don't last as a long, but what original tires were made of).

Thermostat design without oilEdit

printed circuit boards: plastics

corn-based plastic?

non-flammable material

Trapshooting without oilEdit

Can't clean gun or travel to events with oil constratints

Solution: Biobased oils for cleaning, carpooling and alternate transportaion to events

Toledo, Spain without oilEdit

swordmaking machinery: hydrolics?

Use geothermal, hydro electricity

use Tajo river

instead of busses: electric street cars

lessen commute to Madrid

Transportation without oilEdit

more bike paths

better walking shoes

more social clubs


neighborhood activities

animal-based transport (horses)

food co ops

Bikes for 8! (multi-person) aka "Pedal Pub"


solar energy/cars

Twins games (baseball) without oilEdit

no Night games

solar power

mass transit to games

different foods

compost foods /trash

Teenagers without oilEdit

natural makeup


natural fiber apparel

bamboo flipflops

organic snacks

bike cops

walking to frends house

electric car drivers ed

horseriding drivers ed

Theater without oilEdit

Wouldn't be able to have touring shows

Natural material for paint, props, make-up, costumes

Less color options

No speakers, microphones

Natural light on stage

Solution: Community story telling, performers would need to project voices, natural products, during the day, reuse of props and costumes. Sporting arenas used as theaters due to natural light requirements.

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