Add your forecasts that start with the letter S

Shipping without oilEdit

Bike and sailboat transportation, locks and dams, gravity-powered shipping.

Snowboarding without oilEdit

Hard to get to hills, develop a Wii game to simulate snwboarding

Solar Voltaic without oilEdit

Generating electricity with oil.

Solution: generate electricity in the daylight hours. Sell it or store it or transact it and use it for lighting when dark.

Sushi without oilEdit

difficult to deepsea fish

solar power engines for boats or wind

use your fingers instead of chopsticks

served fresh on dishes

locally sourced soy and veggies

boiled rice

no plastic containers

inland freshwater sushi?

selections limited by location

tanks in home

vegitarian options

eating seasonally

Stretchy clothing without oilEdit

Alternative stretchy plant material? Banana peels? Rubber plants?

New fashion movement toward more flowy clothing.

State Fair without oilEdit


everything is made from oil

people come from around the state

no seed art


local produce on a stick

eat corn instead of making art with it

local fairs instead of state fairs

School without oilEdit

Make school seasonal to save energy.

Spend more time outdoors - nature as educator.

School is dispersed - collaborations.

Distance education.

No bussing, neighborhood schools.

Schools as verbal sharing and storytellings.

Solar notebooks / solar powered schools / portable solar system for each student.

Sex without oilEdit

condoms & diaphrams - STDs & increase in birthrates

manufaturing the pill without oil? how? abstinence

increase in cybersex / virtual sex?

permanent sterlization?

Streets without oilEdit

Better gravel.

Shingles without oilEdit

No chicken pox or photo-voltaics for every roof.

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