Add your forecasts that start with the letter P

Parades without oilEdit

Need to have pedestrian parades instead of floats/autos

Parties without oilEdit

How will people get there?

Highly localized parties. Biking/walking/mass transportation to get there.

Product design without oilEdit


Designing products without petroleum (plastics)


Locally made and sold

Local resources

Rough textured,

Printing without oilEdit


vegetable-based inks

non-ink printing (embossing)

fabric-based paper

hybrid pinting press

reusable paper via disappearing ink

Pharmaceuticals without oilEdit

Might lead to localization of diseases.

Solution: develop and utilize natural medicines, chemicals in plants.

Politics without oilEdit

(Globla shortage of snake oil causes prolems)

No more avoiding the problem of peak oil

Campaigning would have to change due to restricted travel

- campaigning by tv and radio

Would break filibusters

Might have more social networks

Green party becomes ascendent

Big oil / big farms / big pharmacys would no long give big donations

- would transform political funding and PACs

Middle east and russia and south america lose their influence

- windy and sunny countries gain

- underdeveloped countries who know how to survive gain political power

Parks without oilEdit

Problems: Mowing the park lawns, creating asphalt paths, petrochemical based benches and play equipment

Solution: goats for mowing, alternate plants (mosses, etc.), gravel or dirt paths, wooden or recycled play equipment and benches

Professional sports without oilEdit


can't travel around the country

fans and media won't be able to get to games


gather in the park for local games

Paper without oilEdit

Paper made with local vegetation, rougher with more fibers. Would become more valuable as it's harder to make. More unique.

Pets without oilEdit

Problems: Transportation of supplies, plastic toys and cages, transportation to the vets, plastic containers for waste, pets competing for foods

Solutions: Alternate transporation, smaller pets, virtual pets, online pet health treatment, grow your own pet food, leftovers for dinner

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