Add your forecasts that start with the letter M

Monetary Policy without oilEdit

We're tied to the petro-dollar and will need a new currency.

Tie money to water.

Music without oilEdit

Can't produce physical records

Need power for electronic recording equipment

Fewer traveling bands

More local music - community based

More a capella singing

No drum heads

No guitar strings

No music

Museums without oilEdit

Natural light and ventilation, skylights.

Medicine without oilEdit

Solution: providing virtual medicine. Taking preventative measures such as better nutrition.

Martial arts without oilEdit

Safety equipment made from "other" natural resources.

Getting people together to practice would be a problem... online training or local training centers.

Fight on the streets!

Tournaments would need to be localized and exist in large metropolitan areas.

Money without oilEdit

Potentially go to a barter/trade system of goods and services. Money takes oil to print and make!

Mail without oilEdit

Either pony express or email on solar powered computers... human trafficking of information...

Mailing packages: warehouses and storehouses for collective storage and trafficking of goods. Designated people in every community deemed responsible for handling and managing the distribution of goods internally and externally with other communities.

Packaging in mailed items use bio-degradable starch packaging in place of petroleum products (foam "peanuts", bubble wrap). After receiving a package, the starch peanuts can be used as fertilizer for growing additional plants, and producing new starch for packaging.

Movies without oilEdit


cant make fast action films

less explosions

film is petroleum based


local live theater

use digital video cameras

Movie theatres without oilEdit

More, local, bring your own oil less popcorn/

Magic without oilEdit

Instead of movie magic (CGI) or extravagant shows (Vegas magicians and such), appreciate the local and immediate wonder of a local storyteller, a local magician -- or even your imagination and a book!

Even better -- learn to tell stories, do magic. Spend the time to learn how to evoke wonder in the world under your own power.

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