Add your forecasts that start with the letter I

Internet without oilEdit

Remanufacture all parts.

Get along without it.

Incarceration without oilEdit

Less comfortable jails. Tougher environment.

Ice Cream without oilEdit

Hand cranked icecream, local ingredients. Smaller batches.

Industrialization without oilEdit

Developing nations use renewable energy to facilitate growth, bypassing major pollution.

Ink without oilEdit

Oil is used in the production of ink. You can't even switch to pencils, since oil is used to mine graphite.

Less notetaking, more mental taking? More oral communication than written -- at least, compared to digital?

Immigration without oilEdit

With the rising cost of international transport - particularly long distances to places like New Zealand, immigration levels would drop significantly.

People will become far more likely to become physically localized, which will contrast with being digitially global - as long as we can keep the Internet infastructure running.

Innovation without oilEdit

A lack of cheap oil creates huge and immediate incentives for governments, corporations, and individuals to innovate on a grand scale. Enormous resources are suddenly applied to develop non-oil-based means of energy production. High efficiency homes, transportation, fuel production, and community design all arise from necessity.

I[...] without oilEdit

Write the eighth micro-forecast here.

I[...] without oilEdit

Write the ninth micro-forecast here.

I[...] without oilEdit

Write the tenth micro-forecast here.

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