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Gardening without oilEdit

Finding local heirloom seeds is difficult because shipping seeds across country is expensive.

Start local heirloom seed collection in the neighborhood.

Grade schools without oilEdit

Problem 1: People can't get to school.



Online Education

More Community Schools

Parents have to grow

Graphic design without oilEdit

Inks are oil based

- use soy based inks

Shipping paper requires oil -- paper is heavy... and making paper requires oil and sulpheric acid

- so we can do enzyme based processing of paper rathter than sulferic acid based

- there is a whole business in recycling rags and other materials for paper

- rag collectin gbecomes a job category and an art form

Rather than use paper

- go back to chalk boards

Greenhouses without oilEdit

More glass, more of them. Integrated into every building. Solar powered.

Gaming without oilEdit


electricity for servers, computers


games that don't need electrcity (board games)

can only play powered-games by generating your own electrcity (treadmill, etc.)

stable electricty supply

game handicap tied to power usage (more power = bigger penalty)

Groceries without oilEdit


-No tranport, no packaging

Solution: -Locally-produced -Bring-your-own bulk packaging? -fewer choices -Replace supermarket with community garden

Great Lakes without oilEdit

No fuel for shipping coal, no delivery of grain, iron ore, other natural resources.

Solutions: Sail boats, other fuels (coal, biodisel, solar), electric trains, relocate smelters to Minnesota.

Gambling without oilEdit

Vegas is unsustainable.

Local gambling increases in popularity.

Garbage without oilEdit

Problems: there would be no central and safe place to burn garbage. No transportation distribution of garbage.

Sloutions: would drive us to a garbage free-society with composting and recycling becoming more important efforts for the management of waste... envision a world without trash and one where all materials are useful and necessary... use the whole PIG, for example.

G[...] without oilEdit

Write the tenth micro-forecast here.

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