Add your forecasts that start with the letter F

Funerals without oilEdit

Unable to embalm because we believe embalming is petroleum based. Bury locally and very deep. Travel to funerals would be an issue.

Cremation is an environentally responsible action. Might we see the invention of solar powered options?

Firefighting without oilEdit

Write the second micro-forecast here.


Hoses use rubber products

Trucks need diesel fuel

Safety equipment needs oil products.

Smoking is a big cause of fires.


Adequate water distribution system already in place

Localized network of citizen firefighters/volunteers

New houses have sprinkler systems


Can we train more firefighters by building community unity and sense of action?

Can we change local building codes?

Can we change smoking habits and design

Can we utilize less flamable materials

Can we educate citizens about fire hazards more effectively.

Solar powered greenhouses, organic farming, local farming. In house fruit ranching. More dried fruit.Edit

Farming without oilEdit

Limited food availability. Corporate farming would decline. No fertilizers; rise of organics. Employment uptick. Hyper-local.

Finance without oilEdit


making coins without oil?

computers aren't as readily available

Solution: use the abacus

Footware without oilEdit

Rubber soles and nylon and laces are oil based.

Go barefoot or use natural fibers and skins.

Families without oilEdit

More family time - more interaction.

More local community activities.

More reliance on family and local.

More shared resources in families.

Fewer children born, more intergenerational. Broader definition of family.

F[...] without oilEdit

Write the eighth micro-forecast here.

F[...] without oilEdit

Write the ninth micro-forecast here.

F[...] without oilEdit

Write the tenth micro-forecast here.

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