Add your forecasts that start with the letter E

Energy distribution without oilEdit

No gas stations

Need to transmit electricity over the air

Emergency Services without oilEdit

How do we save people or buildings without oil or gas to fuel the emergency vehicles?

-Online dr. consultations -pervasive medical monitoring through wearable devices -return to native american medicine

More local clinics.

More training for first responders.

Return of the "country doctors".

Community education.

More on site fire fighting equipment.

Higher density building.

Better fire safety building standards.

Electric vehicles for first responders.

Improved network for first responders.

Virtual 911.

Leveraging smart phone technologies to make instant diagnosis of 911 phone calls.

Create networks to train, hand-down and distribute clinical knowledge, first-aid, treatment and preventative medicine to the next generation.

Electronics without oilEdit

no televisions, no computers, less sophisticated electronics, no recharging batteries, no energy to make them or shi them, less electricity to power them,



local manufacturing, reuse and repair, new manufacturing, change shipping and packing

Exercise without oilEdit

more bike paths

more walking paths

more health clubs

no shoes -- barefoot

exercise machine (or bikes, rollerblades) generating electricity or charging batteries

work out during day

Entertainment without oilEdit

Problem: people can't go far

- entertainment must be local

- or it can be virtual... but then there needs to be a different power source... and need a 3D glasses substitute

- extract energy from dancing...

- would take away crusing as an entertainment form... would take away ship crusies

- a lot of older games would come back.. more choral singing and dancing...

-functional play for entertainment -- generating energy from whatever you're doing

Entertainment without oilEdit

Problem: Pulling people together for entertainment with limited transportation

Solution: Community based entertainment, potluck (hot dish) instead of plastic wrapped snacks, community party planners, virtual gatherings

Elastic without oilEdit

Elastic is made with oil.


Electronics without oilEdit

Manufacturing is petro-based.

Shipping is petro-based.

US has lost its manufacturing capacity.

Consumption issue of raw materials.

Eggs without oilEdit

No mayonnaise.

Energy without oilEdit

A rapid shift in demand to electric power for all oil-based transportation (cars, trucks, trains, ships). For airplanes, we might see a return to the retro-future idea of dirigibles for air transport.

Skyrocketing demand for electric power drives a series of waves of emergency investment in coal-fired generation to meet short term demand, hydro projects, nuclear plants, and alternative solar and wind power.

The short term rush to coal and hydro creates epic environmental disruption as skies fill with sulfurous gases and rivers are dammed (damned?). Large expanses of open habitat go under the bulldozer for windmills and solar arrays.

As the oil economy dissipates and the superpowers shift their priorities elsewhere, the Middle East devolves into tribal warfare over suddenly worthless expanses of desert terrain. Without oil money, gleaming petropolises like Dubai empty out and decline swiftly into a feral state.

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