Add your forecasts that start with the letter D

Deodorants without oilEdit

Healthier rub ons or smellier people.

Dance clubs without oilEdit

Instead of driving to clubs, we must have dance parties locally (backyards!)

Remember it was possible to do that on Aug.14, 2003. The big North America Blackout. People got their guitars, danced outside in the stars.

Disney without oilEdit

fewer visitors, no powered rides, no plastic props, costumes, can't get there,


plastics from plants, more live shows, digital fles instead of moving physical films,

more distributed Disney parks

Disco without oilEdit

Can't wax floor and lighting is expensive.

Daytime disco outside.

Disease without oilEdit

Storing / refrigeration for medicine. Health care rationing

More focus on preventative.

Less disposable (alternate ways to prevent infection). Community based health care - more block nurses.

Travel spread diseases would be less. Increase in stress - related illnesss. More walking / biking, so better health.

Virtual / distance diagnostics.

Public health is expected to suffer.

Improved air quality, so less respiratory disease.

DIY without oilEdit

Problems: -no transportaion -fewer power sources

Solutions: -human-powered craft -recycling focus -cooperative sharing of underused supplies -local venues for selling

Diet Coke without oilEdit

The world would end, and we would all have really bad headaches!

Solution: Keep oil please!

Dialysis without oilEdit

Dialysis treatment needs enormous amounts of electricity and water. Transportation for medical personnel. Solution: increase home dialysis. Without dialysis, end-stage renal patients will die. Quickly Change manufacturing process for dialysis machines and dialyzers.

Drum heads without oilEdit

Like my old friend in North Carolina, make drum heads from the skins of down animals.

Dentistry without oilEdit

More difficult to travel

No plastic toothbrush

No Toothpaste

No plastics, tooth whiting, fillings, braces,

Solution: Use natural products, less sugar, local dentist, family dentist, acceptance of crooked teeth.

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