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Clothing without oilEdit

How can we produce, consume clothing without oil?

-Make clothing more versatile so we wear fewer garments more often -- smart garments that can change aesthetics dynamically -Smaller closets -Slow down the fashion cycle -Recycle/re-work clothing -Swapping/sharing/leasing clothing -- communal clothing -DIY re-working -- teaching people to sew -Treadle sewing -Ration textiles -Wear bibs when you eat -- less washing -Other forms of body adornment -- tattoos, body paint -Local production -- no shipping

Crayons without oilEdit

How do kids color and produce art without oil?

Would have to resort to natural-based materials... natural dyes, vegetable dyes, etc...

Cooking without oilEdit

...with Gas? Just kidding. Renewable (solar/wind) energy powered ovens / sustainable firewood / no more open pans for more efficient cooking

Coffee without oilEdit

Coffee is impossible to ship without oil by conventional means.

Use sailing ships to deliver coffee beans and roast locally with solar energy.

Cosmetics without oilEdit

Plant products; watch out whales.

New aesthetic standard of beauty. Use other methods for change. Less tanning.

Edible cosmetics

Circus without oilEdit

synthetic fabric replaced with natural fibers

traveling circus replaced with local circus

less props

no fire

Candy without oilEdit

distribution and manufacture?

Childbirth without oilEdit

More home natural birth. No epidural. More midwives.

Community without oilEdit

Higher transportation costs discourage travel, encourage tighter communities, local social networks.

Computers without oilEdit

No or expensive delivery

Virtual keyboard

Less add-ons: cell phone, speakers, mouse

Solution: Solar computers, Projection of data on wall instead of monitors

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