Add your forecasts that start with the letter B

Bicycling without oilEdit

Petroleum issue with bicycle parts

Need new product design for lubricant, parts, etc.

Smooth streets would be a problem without asphalt.

No new asphalt bikes.

Need non-asphalt bike trails. Bikes that are better on non-asphalt surfaces.

More demand and space for bicycles, less traffic, safer bicycling.

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Birth without oil. Edit

Local doulas. Midwives.

Beer without oilEdit


Can't distribute

Bo bottles (plastic)

No power for factories

Can't farm grains

No heat to brew


Use biodegradeable packages


Drink water

Batteries without oilEdit

Transportation and communcation is challenged in a world without batteries...

Solutions: Networks for naturally produced sources of energy... air, water, wind, biomass, solar ect. with a wide distribution of sources...

Books without oilEdit

e books

kindles, ipads etc



no need to drive to the store

All Electronics Books are dependent on Oil. whereas as paper is renewable and Recyclable and last longer than bits when stored right.

Bottled water without oilEdit

Bottles are made of plastic from oil. And shipped long distances.

Drink local. Fix/improve local water service. Use bottles and jugs made of non-plastic materials; glass, ceramics, pottery, stone, metal.

Baseball without oilEdit

No night games, no astroturf.

Leagues in close proximity -- no long distance travel.

Broomball without oilEdit

Harder to travel to games, power for ice houses

Solutions: Alternative energy for travel, solar power for ice houses, alternate materials for equipment (bio based)

Birth Control without oilEdit

Sheep intestine condoms.


Need to create substitutes.

Banking without oilEdit

Printing and transportation of currency

Problems with International transfer of money


No Plastic Credit Cards

Collapsed economy affect banking system

Less class systems

Solution: More bartering, more online banking, money free society

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