movable and multi-functional spaces (to achieve smaller spaces) Issues
  • getting materials, sourcing materials
  • construction
  • whole new cottage industry of tearing down ex-burbs, rebuilding cities; to increase density
  • if buildings are not created then you're not able to create wellness within the built environment

Proposed solutions

  • local sources
  • using raw materials that are available regionally
  • repurposing the existing materials for new uses
  • reuse (now unused) shipping containers, overtheroad trucks, ships
  • utilizing the natural environment as a source of wellness
  • utilization of naturally incident energy
  • reuse water through rainwater capture (rain barrels, creating larger areas of 'capture')
  • living in smaller spaces;
  • super installation
  • solar: heat, electric generation
  • geo-thermal: get below the frost line
  • movable and multi-functional spaces (to achieve smaller spaces)
  • using plants to detoxify
  • permaculture techniques
  • natural dyes to create aesthetics

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